March 9th, 2010

Roleplayers needed, cracky inclinations preferable but seriousness welcome.

Hello, best fandom ever to be the best.

I mod cuss_memorial, better known as Custodes Memorial High School. It's a crack HS AU RP, and we need new players!

What makes our RP distinct is that we have teacher and student versions of all characters. We're currently looking for teacher Dan and a student Dan, a teacher Leslie and a student Leslie, a teacher Eddie, and any other character that's not on our Collapse ).

Not to toot my own horn as a mod, but it's a great game, totally drama free, with lots of wonderful players. We're het-friendly, slash-friendly, nonsense-friendly, and full of good cheer.

A familiar name pops up

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So yesterday I picked up a Thor comic and imagine my surprise as I'm reading along and come across a famliar name: Rolf Mueller. From Berlin. As in the dude who was very quite possibilly Hooded Justice?! You bet'cha!

This Rolf doesn't otherwise seem in any way related to WM and in fact the man disappears a few panels later when Thor brings out the Asgardian God hiding inside this Rolf dude's body, but I thought it was a fun little nod to WM.

Nice to know even the dudes who write comic books are fans of the classics.  :)
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Hot Toys Comedian Action-- Sorry, "Collectible" Figure

I'm not sure if the existence of this toy line has come to Watchdom's attention yet. If not, here it is. They only have Laurie and the Comedian for now, but I imagine the other major characters in the comic will be forthcoming.

And here's the text of the link, if for some reason the linked image doesn't work:
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