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Watchmen - TWO different Blu-Ray DVD releases

You might want to read this before pre-ordering your Watchmen Blu-ray DVD.

There will be TWO versions of the Watchmen DVD/Blu-ray and the second one will include more new footage that is not on the first.

1. DIRECTOR’S CUT DVD/Blu-ray: The first version of the Watchmen DVD/Blu-ray (featuring the theatrical cut AND the 3 hour 10 minute director’s cut) will hit stores on July 28. This version will feature additional scenes that were cut from the original theatrical release. (This would include deleted scenes like Hollis Mason's death and Nite Owl II beating the crap out of the Knot-top in the bar.)

WATCHMEN: DIRECTOR’S CUT - 190 minutes (vs. 162 minutes for Theatrical Cut)

Special Features:
• Maximum Movie Mode (BD exclusive split-screen, on-camera commentary)
• Watchmen: Focus Points
• The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics
• Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes (BD exclusive)
• Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World (BD exclusive)
• Music Video: Desolation Row (My Chemical Romance)
• Digital Copy (theatrical version)
• BD-Live (allows Watchmen watchers to synch their Facebook friends network with BD-Live)

2. ULTIMATE Edition DVD/Blu-ray: The second version of the Watchmen DVD/Blu-ray (featuring the director’s cut of the film spliced with the Black Freighter scenes) will hit stores in the fall of 2009, date TBD. The 2nd DVD/Blu-ray version will be the 3 hour 25 minute “ultimate cut” that will feature the director’s cut footage as well as new intercuts back and forth between Watchmen and Tales of The Black Freighter using new footage of the newsstand with the two Bernies. said, "That means this 'director’s cut' is only going to be a stepping stone. If you want to get the full and total Watchmen experience, you’re going to have to wait until the 'ultimate' cut hits stores" this fall. also noted that the “ultimate” cut only runs 15 minutes longer than the director’s cut. They wondered, "[Did] the stand-alone version of Tales of The Black Freighter that [was] released on March 24, 2009, feature scenes that WON’T be included in the “ultimate cut” Watchmen DVD/Blu-ray?"

And which Blu-ray DVD version will have the scene where the Doomsday sign-carrying Walter Kovacs is visiting the newsstand and checking up on his copy of the New Frontiersman? Both of the Bernies are featured in the scene. A few months ago, the clip showed up on Youtube but was later deleted.

BTW, The "Director's Cut" version will also be released as a 2-disk regular DVD set this July (for us poor slobs who don't have Blu-ray).

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