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This fandom is afraid of me.

I have seen its true face.

Watchmen is Serious Business
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Watching the Watchmen. From the bushes, with binoculars.
What is watchdom?

In the beginning, there was /pco/, where fans of Watchmen went to share porn. Eventually the threads became a hang out for everyone involved and the lack of porn became a problem. Words were exchanged, wank was had, and eventually the original line of threads was closed down. To fill the void where once the /pco/ threads had been, Watchdom was created.

So what can I post here?

Almost anything as long as it has something to do with Watchmen. Humor and crack is welcome, but so is regular discussion, fanworks, news, etc. There's a fan for just about everything, so when it comes to fic and art, don't hesitate to post your gen, your het, your slash, or your femmeslash! It's all welcome and encouraged.
That said, we value CONTENT and QUALITY over quantity. To get a better idea of what type of posts to expect and strive for, please read this post.

What are the rules?

1.) Keep it related to Watchmen. This is a given.
2.) DON'T BE A DICK. There's a place for that, and it's called 4chan. No TROLLS TROLLING TROLLS TROLLING TROLLS, no purposeful stirring-up of drama. Inevitably there's going to be wank, but we're intelligent, civilized folks and we should act accordingly. In the same vein, posters of valid discussion/meta/comments should not be written off as wankers or trolls just because they disagree with you. If you have a disagreement be prepared to listen, but also be prepared to defend your position.
Also keep in mind that this is fandom. Everything shouldn't be SRS BZNS.
3.) Be kind to our friends lists. Any image/embedded something-or-other bigger than 600 pixels wide needs to be behind an lj-cut, as well as notably long posts. Anything explicitly adult in nature needs to be clearly labeled behind a cut and under a members-only lock.
4.) When you're posting something you didn't make, be sure to provide a source. Art, news, scans, etc... give credit where credit is due.

Where else might my post belong?

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